Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Join Liverpool Tenants in the Fight Against the Bedroom Tax

A group of 15-20 people met tonight for the first South Liverpool meeting to organise against the Bedroom Tax. Energy and momentum is high, and with less than 3 months until the introduction of this intentional and divisional attack on the working class, Combat the Bedroom Tax is working flat-out to spread the ideas of Solidarity and Direct Action in South Liverpool communities. Over the next weeks and months, meetings will be set up calling on tenants to thrash out the terms of their resistance against an unprecedented attack, by the State and its Capitalist cronies, on our welfare.

The Bedroom Tax affects nearly 12,000 people in Liverpool; many will be expected to uproot their families, move away from their communities, their support networks and downsize to properties that simply do not exist; those who decide to stay will be constantly battling to make up the shortfall in rent. This should not be a question of move or stay: it should be a refusal to pay, full stop.

We argue that a stand now against the Bedroom Tax, based on Solidarity and Direct Action, will put down roots of resistance to allow us to better defend ourselves against a broader attack that extends well beyond 2013. If we do nothing now, the repercussions of the Bedroom Tax will cause greater hardship & evictions in the run-up to the implementation of Universal Credit.

Liverpool tenants are beginning to say No! to the Bedroom Tax and we are asking tenants and tenant networks, nationally, to join us in action and solidarity. Form networks in neighbourhoods affected by the Bedroom Tax and link up with tenants in Liverpool.

We'll also be demonstrating against Housing Associations on the 7th & 28th February, inbetween and beyond:

Ruckus Against Liverpool Mutual Homes - 7th Feb: https://www.facebook.com/events/472210886178901/
Stand Up for Social Housing in Bootle! - 28th Feb: https://www.facebook.com/events/309364012518148/

@claimantnetwork on twitter
Combat the Bedroom Tax on Merseyside facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/555921791103090/

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