Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Combat the Bedroom Tax: Bootle, Liverpool Tenants Meeting - Wed, 13th Feb 2013

On Wednesday 13th February, Stand Up in Bootle! & Combat the Bedroom Tax will be holding a tenant-led meeting at Madigan's Lighthouse in Bootle, Liverpool. This is part of a series of tenants meeting happening across Liverpool to Combat The Bedroom Tax

From the 1st of April this year, the government will cut the housing benefit of over 600,000 social housing tenants, if they are considered to have a ‘spare room’. If you have 1 spare bedroom the cut is 14%, if you have 2 then 25%.

The Bedroom Tax affects nearly 12,000 people in Liverpool; many will be expected to uproot their families, move away from their communities, their support networks and downsize to properties that simply do not exist; those who decide to stay will be constantly battling to make up the shortfall in rent. This should not be a question of move or stay: it should be about refusing to pay the tax, full stop.

We argue that a stand now against the Bedroom Tax, based on Solidarity and Direct Action, will put down roots of resistance to allow us to better defend ourselves against a broader attack that extends well beyond 2013. If we do nothing now, the repercussions of the Bedroom Tax will cause greater hardship & increased evictions in the run-up to the implementation of Universal Credit.

By taking action together we can fight the Bedroom Tax!

Join the fight against the Bedroom Tax. Meet at:

Madigan's Lighthouse

206 Knowsley Rd
L20 4NU
Time: 1pm

Bootle Tenants Meeting Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/events/565103480183766/

email combatbedroomtax@gmail.com for more info.

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