Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Combat the Bedroom Tax: Dingle/Toxteth Liverpool Tenants Meeting - Mon, 11th February 2013

Combat the Bedroom Tax is holding a series of tenant-led district meetings to organise resistance to the Bedroom Tax. On Monday 11th February a meeting will be held at The Florrie for Dingle/Toxteth tenants.

From the 1st of April this year, the government will cut the housing benefit of over 600,000 social housing tenants, if they are considered to have a ‘spare room’. If you have 1 spare bedroom the cut is 14%, if you have 2 then 25%.

The Bedroom Tax affects nearly 12,000 people in Liverpool; many will be expected to uproot their families, move away from their communities, their support networks and downsize to properties that simply do not exist; those who decide to stay will be constantly battling to make up the shortfall in rent. This should not be a question of move or stay: it should be about refusing to pay the tax, full stop.

We argue that a stand now against the Bedroom Tax, based on Solidarity and Direct Action, will put down roots of resistance to allow us to better defend ourselves against a broader attack that extends well beyond 2013. If we do nothing now, the repercussions of the Bedroom Tax will cause greater hardship & increased evictions in the run-up to the implementation of Universal Credit.

By taking action together we can fight the Bedroom Tax.

Join the fight against the Bedroom Tax. Meet at:

The Florrie
377 Mill St
L8 4RF

Disabled access throughout.

Any problems email:

Combat the Bedroom Tax Dingle/Toxteth Liverpool Tenants Meeting Facebook page:

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