Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Combat Workfare - 8th December

On the 8th December Boycott Workfare, UKUncut and North West Ant-Cuts groups begin direct action against tax dodgers and workfare profiteers.

Combat Workfare, who’ve picketed workfare providers, profiteers and ‘so-called’ charities throughout the year, have provided consistent resistance to workfare in Liverpool.

Workfare isn’t gaining support, yet it’s being forced through by an ideological attack that fits neatly into the ‘logic’ of austerity.

The government is bringing through more disciplinary measures to squeeze the last scraps of independence claimants have when searching for employment.

Welfare is being brought to its knees and people are dying.

Combat Workfare must meet the government’s attacks on the unemployed and employed on the 8th of December and make it a day of direct action.

Neither workfare nor the work programme is working!

Spread this call-out far and wide. Invite your friends list & network.

Meeting place & time + Banner making day will be announced in co-ordination with various actions in Liverpool.

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