Saturday, 22 September 2012

Combat Workfare Pickets Poundland

Compact Combat Workfare

A small, determined group of Anarchists/Activists set up outside Poundland in Liverpool, today, to keep up the pressure on a company practically flaunting their use of exploited, free labour. We targeted Poundland customers exiting and entering the store, and most were bemused to find out what Poundland have been up to under the radar. As a result of our leafleting, the customers we spoke to refused to shop at Poundland until they could be assured the low-budget exploiters had exited the Government’s macabre Workfare scheme. Poundland customer boycotts had also been buttressed by recent revelations that you can actually get better deals, for your pound, elsewhere on the high street. Shocker!

We had some excellent discussions with people about workfare, austerity and the depression/recession that is obscuring the general attack on the working classes. More Combat Workfare action against Poundland on the way:

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