Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Liverpool Combat Workfare Tour of Shame - Sat, 8th September 2012

Part of the Boycott Workfare National Day of Action

The fight back against Workfare continues on Saturday September 8th with a Liverpool Workfare Tour of Shame through the city centre, targeting corrupt retailers who continue to exploit claimants as a source of unpaid labour.

Workfare involves forcing claimants into unpaid work or face loss of benefits. 10’s of millions of hours of unpaid work have taken place at profit-making businesses, such as Tesco, Asda, Marks & Spencer, Argos, Peacocks and Currys/PC World. Recently, charities, such as Scope, Salvation

Army, Cancer Research UK and the RSPCA have been exposed as using claimants forced to work in their shops or face loss of benefits under the supposedly ‘voluntary’ Work Experience scheme.

“There is little evidence that workfare increases the likelihood of finding work. It can even reduce employment chances by limiting the time available for job search and by failing to provide the skills and experience valued by employers.” This came from a Research Review by the Department for Work and Pensions, who ignore their own research and continue to roll-out Workfare on a national scale.

Workfare is part of a broader attack on the welfare & work of both the unemployed and employed. Not only does workfare supply a free source of labour to profit-making companies & charities, it undermines the pay and conditions of those already in paid employment.

100’s of High Street retailers are still involved in Workfare schemes, but there is a growing list of retailers who have withdrawn from the schemes due to direct actions targeting their stores.

Join the Liverpool Workfare Tour of Shame on Saturday 8th September and combat workfare. Bring banners & noise and let’s send a message to the Workfare profiteers:


Targets & meeting place will be announced nearer the time.
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