Monday, 9 July 2012

Combat Workfare - A4e Liverpool Communications Blockade - National Call Out

So far, action against workfare has focused on the high street providers. These high profile actions will continue as the campaign goes on. But we also need to be hitting the implementers of workfare & the work programme, such as A4e.

A4e is the best example of everything that is wrong with workfare, workfare providers, and the culture of greed that drives the workfare industry. Investigations for fraud were launched in February 2012, and not for the first time.

On Tuesday 10th July, we are asking everyone to make their voice heard. Whether you are in Liverpool or not, call A4e and complain about their involvement in the work programme.

The aim is to shut down their phone lines as much as possible on this day in order to cause them disruption. They may not listen to individual complaints, but they will take notice when they can't do their day-to-day activities for the sheer volume of calls coming in!

Tel: 0151 243 3670
Fax: 0151 236 1991

A4e head office fax number: 0114 275 4632

A4e Chief Executive Officer:
General A4e e-mail:

Send free faxes via:
Send secure email via:

If you use Twitter, also feel free to make your complaints to these accounts:

@LouiseSDuncan Development Director - active
@JoelAWms Wales Development Director for A4e – m-active
@JustineZwerling A4e's international department - secure
@AniaMendrek Operations manager - active
@A4eJoBlundell Group Development Director for A4e - inactive
@Masonic53 A4e Director of Disability Strategy m-active
@AllanAllison Business Developer for A4e - inactive
@ByrneJen Strategic Director - Justice at A4e - inactive
@robharvey Research Manager at A4e active
@JontOC – Director of Strategy & Policy at A4e – v active/will respond

Visit the A4e Liverpool Communications Blockade Facebook event for more details:

Visit Boycott Workfare for more details on the National Week of Action Against Workfare:

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